PieDay #1 – Remain Calm (Chicken Pot Pie)

Today is my very first Friday Pie Day. Probably. I might have made a pie on a Friday before, and that’s really all this is: I’m going to make pies on Friday. Then I’m going to take pictures and blog about it.


Because Friday Pie day. It totally rhymes.

And I needed an excuse to make pie because my loving husband bought me a book called “How to Build a Better Pie” after I swore off pie making over Thanksgiving.

About 80% of the pies I’ve ever made have failed: the lemon doesn’t set in the lemon meringue pie, the egg scrabbles in the pecan pie, the apples are leather in the apple pie, the peaches are liquid in the peach pie, and the crust is mushy in the middle of the pumpkin pie.

I’m not even going to talk about crusts right now. I’m just not ready.

I have developed a full blown case of pie-anxiety. I start stressing out about them a week before I even start thinking about making them just because I know I’m going to have to start thinking about it soon and when I do I’ll have a nervous break down.

Here is a picture of the pecan pie that sent me over the edge:


That was our Thanksgiving Pie folks. For the record, my husband ate every bite and claimed to “love it”.

He’s a good man.

And he loves pie.

So I’m at it again but this time it won’t be for stressful this-is-the-one-time-I-make-pie-all-year-it-better-be-perfect situations. It will just be Friday.

And today is the first one.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


One thought on “PieDay #1 – Remain Calm (Chicken Pot Pie)

  1. I wanted to ask a guestion about the gluten fee ice box pie . Have you ever used the gluten free honey Graham crackers ?

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