The Perfect Pie Plan – Something To Fall Back On

Portland’s Best Pies

See that link above? The one that says, “Portland’s Best Pies”? That is the key to The Perfect Pie Plan! Any time I fail at creating a delicious pie I will go out and try a pie from one of the many amazing pie places here in Portland! That way I know that after all my hard work, one way or another, I will end up eating delicious pie 🙂 The fear of looking forwad to pie all week only to end up with some kind of goopy mess is too strong, I need some reasurance that there will be pie, and it will be wonderful. 

Then I’ll spend the rest of the week figuring out where I went wrong and how to solve the problem. Once the problem has been solved, I will give you an update so that you won’t be left with a frustrated that-pie-was-a-disaster feeling – and neither will I.

This Friday’s Pie Day: Lemon Meringue!

My last Lemon Meringue Pie (my only Lemon Meringue Pie) was attempted almost 4 years ago and was a runny mess. Fingers crossed things will work out this time.

I’m already getting my research on and I think I know what I did wrong: too much lemon! If I know me (and I think I do) then I probably wanted it to be extra tart and added extra lemon juice. Apparently this throws off the careful chemical balance necessary for the lemon part of the pie to set. If you (like me) want a more tart pie the advice I have read says to simply add less sugar, so simple! I’ll let you know how it goes!


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